Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sock Monkey Birthday Bash

Last Saturday, friends and family near to our hearts joined us to celebrate Hudson's first birthday.  I have been intrigued with sock monkeys since Hudson's birth.  Add in Hudson's given nickname of Chunka Monka and a sock monkey theme seemed ideal to me!  With Parker and Hudson's birthdays a mere 9 days apart I knew for certain I would be stressed with party plans.  However, the creative side of me still desired to put a special touch on Hudson's birthday party decorations.  The DIY Sock Monkey Printable Party Pack I found on Etsy was perfect for my party needs (and allotted time I had to work with!!!).   

Cake Table...the banner, cupcake toppers, and candy jar labels were all made using the printable pack.  I LOVED the color scheme of red, brown, and light fun!!!  The candy was a big hit with our guests.

The birthday boy...all smiles!  My sweet Sister-in-Law gifted Hudson this Old Navy long sleeved onesie at Christmas.  As soon as he opened it, I knew he would be sporting it at his birthday party. 


Inside the goodie bags for the children in attendance were these mini crayon rolls and a few other goodies.
Hudson sported his over the top birthday hat for all of a few minutes...not a fan!!!

Present time...Hudson was the recipient of some very generous gifts.  He fell in love with the caterpillar he is biting on the left.  He loves to snuggle with it during nap time.


Going into the party I was pretty confident Hudson would dive right into his cake.  And he did!  My Mom (aka Mammy/Mimi) made his smash cake using the same cake pan she did for my first birthday, the birthdays of my brothers, as well as our older boys.  How sweet!!!  We opted to top his cake with whipped cream as we have in the past for Hudson's older brothers.  He was a fan!

Thank you to all of our family and friends who gathered with us to celebrate Hudson's first birthday.  Indeed, he is a blessed little boy to have all of you in his life!!!


Misty said...

You are so creative! Love his birthday theme. I have been wanting to get one of those little monkeys for my baby girl cause I think they are just so cute!

Natalie said...

what an adorable party! I love the theme and that shirt is too cute on that darling boy. Happy birtday little man, you are one lucky fellow!

mustangkayla said...

Great pictures! What a fun table set up for his birthday! You did a great job! :-)

Drew Watts said...

Sock Monkey Birthday Bash! Wow, it looks terrific. I would love to steal some of your decor ideas for my son’s upcoming birthday celebrations that will be hosted at some garden Seattle venues. I have gathered a couple of inspirations for little one’s party and will use all these inspirations together.


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