Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Random Fun...

  • I am currently making birthday decorations for three different parties.  Seriously.  Who does that?  Me.  The mama who has three children all born within 6 weeks of each other!  I am seeing Mario, Legos, and Sock Monkeys in my sleep!  Any guesses which theme belongs to which child?!!
  • One of the gifts Eric bestowed upon me at Christmas was signing us up for a 5k race in April.  No, I did not slap him.  It is something we have been discussing for quite some time.  There is more to the story (perhaps another post for another time).  I started training this week.  Whose idea was this again?!!!  Surely not mine.  Fingers crossed I re-discover the love I had for running back in high school and the few years following.
  • Parker has his second sleepover this weekend with a friend from school.  When did my baby go off and get all big on us?  *Sigh*
  • Last week we made our summer reservations for Silver Lake.  We first went as a family in 2009 and had a kick bootie time!  We have opted to extend our stay this year and the older boys are super duper psyched! 
  • Earlier this week, while feeding Hudson Gerber's Broccoli & Carrots with Cheese, I was reminded how AWFUL it smells.  It smelled worse coming back up.  Hudson seemed to enjoy it, though.  The eating, not the puking (you know, just in case you were wondering).
  • The older two boys have their first wrestling meet next week.  Eeeek!
  • Ryder is getting back into the groove of playing with his toys.  You know, really playing.  For the longest time he spent the majority of his day simply getting into things and causing chaos. 
  • Last night, as Garrett was undressing to get in the tub I noticed he had his pants on backwards.  He had sported them all day as such...even to school.  Ooops! 

Happy Friday!  Have a fantastic weekend, bloggers!
Today is my nephew, Breydan's birthday!  Happy 3rd Birthday, BB!
We are looking forward to bowling with you tonight to celebrate!
Sunday is Garrett's 5th Birthday Bash...lots to do! 


shelly said...

How do you do it?!? I'm stressed by a birthday ever 4-5 months!

Misty said...

I'm only on baby #1 but when I do decide to have baby #2 remind me to space the birthdays out. :)

I have a goal to some day do a 5k. I've never been a runner but I did finally work up to 30 min jogging non stop on the treadmill so I was pretty happy. I think I'm going to check into it. You have officially inspired me. :)

Oh for the day when my baby girl just plays with her toys and quits getting into stuff. :)

The Stephens Family said...

Thank you for reminding me how aweful that broccoli stuff smells! I totally forgot and I was just going to get Mason so new food! haha

mustangkayla said...

Good luck with the birthdays! I'm such a bad mommy and bagged doing anything for Maddy. She got dollar tree invites, plates and napkins. We are having it at a local restaurant that a cousin manages and opens early for us! I keep telling myself when they get older I'll do more.


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