Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wish Lists 2010

Parker wishes for...

A New Bike
Lego City Set
Razor Scooter

Garrett Wishes For...

A New Bike
A Razor Scooter
Lego City Set
Toy Dirt Bike

Ryder Wishes For...

A Meatball (AKA A Speedboat)
Buzz Atyear (AKA Buzz Lightyear)
Toy Car

Hudson Wishes For (With Some Help From Mommy)...

Toy Piano
Ride On Toy
Choo Choo Train

Dear Santa,

I have a special wish all of my own.  If you could do your part
to ensure the Lindsay Boys are feeling better by Christmas that would
be swell!

A Very Desperate, Pleading, and Exhausted Mama in Ohio


shelly said...

Oh no---not sick kiddos for Christmas! Cute lists and pics (our middle son decided to change his list last night!!! "That's ok mom, Aunt Crys will get me it". Uh..sorry buddy, she's had your stuff bought since Nov..but you could use gma money to buy it after Christmas..tears, big huge tears.)

mustangkayla said...

Wishing all the sickies far far away from your house! CUTE pictures! Love the wishlists. I tried my darndest to get Peyton to give me a list, and he said he wants EVERYTHING. lol...


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