Monday, December 27, 2010

Thank You For The Memories, Christmas 2010

Whew...and Christmas is over.  We put so much time, effort, and prepping into one day (or a few days of celebrating) and POOF in a flash it is behind us!  Our Christmas Eve and Christmas was full of chaos, craziness, and cute kiddos in matching outfits...

The boys and I survived Christmas morning minus Daddy, but all agree next year will be much more enjoyable with him home!  The boys were allowed to open their stockings and two gifts on Christmas morning.  The remaining presents sat under the tree (taunting them) until Daddy returned home from work.  There were cheers all around when he walked in the back door!  Together, we sat down to open gifts.  Christmas carols were playing, children were smiling, and mid-opening gifts THE TREE FELL DOWN ON MOMMY!  It was a classic America's Funniest Home Videos moment!  Christmas 2010 shall be one we never forget.

I have started taking down our Christmas decor and slowly we are returning our home to normal conditions (with a lot more stuff).  The boys are more than happy with the gifts they have received from us, Santa, Grandparents, and cousins galore.  Santa was pretty good to Mommy and Daddy as well (thank you for my laptop!).

Our next few days will include one final Christmas gathering and the excitement of Garrett's 5th Birthday!  We will ring in 2011 in just days...WOWZERS!  Eric and I have a babysitter (thanks Mammy!) on New Years Eve for the first time in years.  We are looking forward to dinner out with friends at a local Hibachi grill.  What about you readers?  Any plans to ring in the NEW YEAR


Jenn Jenn said...

I am so happy to see you and your boys got a blessed Christmas! I love their pjs and I hope you got the funny moment on tape!!!!

~jan said...

The tree fell on you?! :) Glad you are alright! Your boys are just totally adorable in their matching jammies! Love that.


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