Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stay Away Super-Crazy-Psycho-Holiday Mommy!

My Christmas To-Do List looks a little something like this...

  • Bake endless amounts of cookies (around a 100 dozen...give or take)
  • Spend hours upon hours shopping for perfect gifts
  • Design, order, address, and mail Christmas cards
  • Assemble a beautiful photo calendar to lovingly give to our grandparents (of their handsome great-grandsons)
  • Wrap above mentioned perfect gifts
  • Decorate a tree...or two...or three...or four
  • Search for matching Christmas sweaters and jammies for our boys
  • Get my crafty self going (hello paper loop wreaths, candy cane reindeer ornaments, and other what nots I just HAVE to make)
  • Host a family gathering (or two)
I am rather certain your to do list closely resembles mine.  In an attempt to remind myself to slow down and enjoy this festive season I printed off this sign...

Pretty perfect, huh?!  I replaced the "joy" frame I originally placed above my kitchen sink with this Keep Calm and Merry On print.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it was the perfect place for it!  I can not take credit for this super simple (and oh so true) decor myself.  Go here and print a sign of your own!

Did you notice the paint swatches to the right of my sign?  Indeed I feel the need to paint my dining room before Christmas.  Just add it to my to do list...


mustangkayla said...

I don't know how you get done all that you do get done! What a list and on top of that the normal to-dos with 4 boys! Go girl go! :-)

pattiwest said...

Totally perfect!!!! Love this sign so much! Merry on!! :)


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