Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two 'Lil Apple Runners...One With A Rocky Start

A few weeks ago, Parker came sprinting out of school waving a paper in his hand.  "I want to run in the Kids One Mile race at the Apple Festival, Mom," he shouted in my direction.  Man, I wish I could bottle the enthusiasm that flowed through his body at that moment.  It was pretty awesome!  I let him know I would happily register him for the race and wished him luck.

We began our walk home from school and I knew a request from Garrett was in the immediate future.  Garrett questioned if he, too, could run in the parade.  I let him know it was not a parade, but rather a one mile "race".  "I want to do it," Garrett replied.  One mile run.  Garrett.  He is four.  Honestly, I was not sure if the rules would allow him to enter.  There are three separate categories for the Apple Run...8 and under Kids One Mile, 9-13 Kids One Mile, and the 5k.  Was there an age minimum for the Kids 8 and under?  Hmmmm...Mommy would look into it.

I breathed a sigh of relief upon discovering I could register both older boys for the run.  They were over the moon.  Pumped!  They told everyone about the race.  They trained.  The more excited they got...the more excited I got.  I only wish Eric was not working nights the weekend of the festival; therefore, sleeping during the day.  He missed Parker's great football game (more coming on that), the parade, and the race.  The boys missed him.  I missed him.  Family fun just is not the same when you are missing a key member. 

Parker and Garrett after we checked in at registration.  We had an "Oh No!" moment when we were informed that Parker was not pre-registered.  Ummm...yes, he was!  After looking through their registration forms the workers realized Parker's form was stuck to the back of Garrett's form.  Poor 'lil lad did not received his T-shirt on race day because of it.  Shucks!

Prior to leaving for the run the boys had been riding their bikes for no less than 3 hours.  I attempted to encourage them to sit down.  You know, reserve some energy for their BIG run.  The sitting did not last long. 

With no sitting going on I thought it would be a good idea for them to stretch.  This is what I got.  Seriously, boys!  I am unsure if there is a leaf or piece of paper on Garrett's bootie.  Goofballs!

A sampling of the Under 8 runners...Parker and Garrett are in the back row.  Parker has a huge smile on his face and is ready to GO!!!  Garrett is sizing up the competition.  Or something like that.  

...and they are off!  Seconds after this photo was taken one lone runner landed smack dab, face down into the pavement.  Any guesses who?

Yep, my Baby G.  Who knows how he ended up face first in the concrete.  Was he pushed?  Did he trip over his own two feet?  Did the older dude to his left dart out in front of him and therefore he stumbled?  As he fell to the ground I heard gasps....oh no's...poor little guy's.  The largest gasps came from myself, two brothers, and sister-in-law.  This was Garrett on the ground.  My spirited child.  For those of who know Garrett we wondered what in the world was coming next?  Would he blame Parker?  Would he yell something inappropriate?  Would he kick his feet and throw a monstrous fit? 

Quickly I rushed into the road, big 'ole camera and zoom lens around my neck, and scooped up all solid 50 pounds of Garrett off the ground.  I hugged him tight, did a once over on his face, and asked him if he was okay.  Yes, mama.   Do you still want to run?  No...'eh, yes! 

Before my eyes, I saw my Baby G pull himself together and take off again.  About 45 seconds behind the other runners.  Off he went...he and his poofy hair.  My heart swelled with pride and he stole many hearts in the crowd.

Here comes Parker...more than half way done.  I did not give my kiddos enough credit and thought I would get more photos of them running.  The plan was to walk briskly alongside them, but they were fast little boogers!  I anticipated a lot more walking from each of them!  Truth be told, neither of them walked for more than 30 seconds total.  They rock!

Here comes Garrett.  And his poof!  He had the BIGGEST smile on his face as he approached me.  As he ran past he questioned if he was in last place.  No, little buddy.  You are doing great!  Keep on running.  And he did!

Two tired little runners with beat red cheeks!  Boys, mama is so proud of you! 

As I approached the finish line the clock read 13 minutes (and something).  I would estimate Parker had to have had a time in the 9-10 minute range.  Garrett I would put right around 11 minutes.  I know nothing about time when related to little kids running, but I am impressed.  More importantly, they each finished what they started!  Both are eager to run in next year's Apple Run.  I believe I am going to ride my bike alongside of them to keep up.  Well, and get more action shots.

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Sarah said...

Ummmm... taking pictures while riding a bike? You might be the one face-planting into the pavement!

So cute, though! Way to go boys!!


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