Monday, October 18, 2010

Say Your Piece

I beg of you...please tell me you can get lost on Etsy?  For hours.  I am not alone, right?  Heck, with even a few minutes to spare I find all kinds of cuteness!  And inspiration!  Endless inspiration.  I discovered Say Your Piece through a blog I read.  Eileen creates personalized and custom ceramic pieces that are too darn adorable! 

I fell in love with Eileen's mini monogram bowl.  It is the perfect place to rest a pair of earrings, small bracelet, or ring.  I purchased one for myself and an additional one as a stocking stuffer.  Upon receiving my order, I contacted Eileen to purchase 5 additional mini bowls (again, Christmas gifts).

Friends of ours recently welcomed their second daughter into the world.  I found Eileen's Baby Keepsake Plate to be the perfect gift for their little bundle of joy!  The front of the plate features her name and birth date...

...and on the back all of her "stats"!  To date, we have not stopped by to visit our friends and I am praying we get this special piece to them prior to viewing it on my blog.  Fingers crossed!

Say Your Piece has some great Christmas pieces as well.  When I ordered my second set of mini bowls I found the Family Christmas Keepsake Bowl to be a great gift as well.  Thanks to some great shops on Etsy, I am checking names of this year's Christmas List quickly!  Shhhh...I am picking up a few things for myself here and there, too!

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? 


Cheryl Schuh said...

I love Etsy. Haven't ordered anything yet, but I'm going to order a bowl for my rings. The plate for Sarah and Tim is sooo cute! Great idea.

Lelia said...

No, my dear, you are definitely NOT the only person who can get lost for HOURS {and hours} on Etsy. And I can see how you fell in love with those bowls! I think I'll add them to my favorites! BTW, did you know that you can put a tab on your FB page linking your friends to your Etsy favorites???

Lelia said...

Oh, and to answer your question, this is one of my favorite Etsy shops.


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