Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our One & Only Brown Eyed Boy...

  • Can pedal his bike, but refuses...he would rather push himself along with his feet.
  • Is SUPER polite...he even uses the word please before yelling mine!
  • Survives on Chocolate Moo, cheese sticks, crackers, yogurt, cereal, and Mandarin oranges.
  • Loves answering Mommy's telephone (rest assured, this only happens if Daddy or a Grandparent is on the other end of the line).
  • Is a be-bopping, lil' frog hopping, tune singing machine.
  • Got himself and his surroundings into a sticky situation this morning when he grabbed the bottle of syrup.  Yet, another reason why I cannot potty alone.  Ever.  Thankfully, Hudson was napping in his crib...therefore, he was spared.

God love him...he is WAY TO STINKIN' CUTE for his own good.  He will be the death of me, though.  Just you wait and see. 


Shanna said...

He is absolutely adorable! His big beautiful eyes are going to be lady~catchers just you wait :)
p.s. your not alone. We say about Matt, God made him twice as cute so when he is twice as naughty we will love him just as much!!! (Not that he is really bad but you know...ex syrup haha)

mustangkayla said...

Oh my word is he adorable! Sorry, I had to laugh at the syrup and not being able to pee alone! Maddy is the same way...I can't trust her at all!

Natalie said...

And what cute brown eyes they are! We had a nice syrup incident ourselves not long ago...syrup + carpet = not fun. =)

shelly said...

What a cutie! When our middle son was that age, he opened the dishwasher and poured yogurt, syrup and a bunch of other mashed up stuff into it...all while I was in the bathroom...This too shall Pass!

Julie said...

Such a cutie! But I was really crossing my fingers for that picture of a syrup covered little Ryder! :) Hope the carpet cleaned up nicely.

Sarah said...

Loving his hair... looks like it's getting longer, and flippin' at the end! Is it going to stay for a while?!

~jan said...

Too funny and way too cute for his own good! Life with boys is never boring!


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