Thursday, July 1, 2010

We Survived...

...FIVE hours at the beach on Monday! Yes, all 6 of us! No meltdowns. No fights. No tears (perhaps a few from Hudson, but he is entitled). It was our first trip of the season to the beach and so needed! The weather was perfect...a light breeze could be felt and at times it was slightly overcast (you know for good photos and all). We played...we splashed...we snacked...we had FUN! The boys made friends with other kiddos on the beach and willingly shared their sand toys. They were able to play with a few of their cousins as we had family join us the last few hours as well. We capped the day off with a stop to get ice cream (yea, we eat a lot of ice cream during the summer months). Thank you boys for behaving which allowed all of us to enjoy a GREAT day together!

Ryder was obsessed with the sea gulls! With his longer locks doesn't he make the perfect little beach babe?!

I feel like there should be a caption above Parker and Garrett that reads "Greetings from Maumee Bay"! Seriously, my mommy goggles believes this photo to be postcard perfect;)

I love shots like this...makes little kiddos seem so much smaller when surrounded by bodies of large water.

Happy Hudson upon our arrival...once again just laughing at the wind!

Happy July 1st! Can you believe it? June is behind us...slow down summer!


mustangkayla said...

Aww...great photos! Looks like everyone had a blast!

~jan said...

Such terrific beach photos-your boys are such handsome dudes!


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