Friday, July 9, 2010

Then and Now...

Recently, as I gaze at Hudson I find myself thinking of Parker. Six summers ago Parker was the same age Hudson currently is (give or take) as their birthdays are now 9 days apart. I vividly recall the summer of 2004 and what a change it was for me (becoming a parent will do that to you!). Fast forward 6 years later and Parker has evolved so much between then and now...

Then you were my only you are a big brother to three.

Then you happily accompanied me to the Dairy Queen, but ate you love Blue Raspberry Sherbet cones.

Then you were content to ride in your stroller on our daily you lead our mini caravan (what else would you call two kiddos on bikes and a mommy pushing a double stroller?) while speeding along on your bike. Let it be known, you also rode your bike alongside mommy for 4 miles the other night!

Then you sat on my lap while we gently swayed on a swing at the you soar through the air all on your own.

Then you sat on the porch swing taking in the world around I find you on the porch Googling yourself via the computer (no joke!).

Then you napped on me each and every you no longer take naps, but very willingly play outside while your younger brothers catch some zzzz's.

Now, my love for you continues to grow each day...just as it did then.


shelly said...

How sweet! I was just looking at my favorite photo of the boys, Jamie was 4, Corey was almost 3 and Riley was dawned on me that now Riley is way older than Jamie in the baby isn't a baby (wish I could figure out how to slow that down a bit!)

The Stephens Family said...

This brought tears to my eyes as I remember when it was just Sydney and I. How different life is now. I miss those days but these days are so much better with my two babies!

~jan said...

So sweet. :) Im struggling with some of these same feelings with my almost 16 year old. They grow up fast.


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