Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Cloud Maker

My husband makes clouds for a living. Check it out...

Seriously, our kiddos think daddy has the coolest job...making clouds and all. Truthfully, he works at a nuclear power plant. How do you explain nuclear power to kiddos six and under? You tell them two things...their daddy makes clouds and he makes the power used to watch TV. Good enough, right?!

Every two years, the power plant has a scheduled outage and shuts the plant down. Are you thinking " vacation!"? Wrong. It is during this time the employees check every nook and cranny of the reactor (you are loving my explanation, Eric, right?) and make necessary repairs. Additional employees are brought in and there is overtime for all. This years outage began in February (you know, back when Hudson was born and in the NICU...awesome timing) and was scheduled for 45 days (don't quote me here, readers). Here it is July and the plant is now, finally, back up and running. I am all for being thorough (and; however, I miss my husband. My kids miss their daddy.

I am thankful for Eric's job. Really, I am. The pay is generous and allows me to stay home with the kiddos. Initially, I thought I would loathe his rotating shift; however, it's not so bad. He has 7 days off every 5 weeks...just because that is how the Operations department rolls. Awesome!

The last 5 weeks of this outage have been grueling. Tiresome. Long. During this time, Eric has been on straight nights...12 hour shifts (his norm), 5 days a week. He sleeps the majority of the day. Bedtime, bath time, and mealtime have all been on me. No lying...four kiddos to one parent is rough. My main goal has been to survive. That is all. Truthfully, I got them out of the house and about more than I thought I would (for their sanity and mine). Last night was Eric's last night of this outage. Praise the Lord! We survived.

Hello, is good to have you home again. Good bye, outage! See you again in Fall 2011 (or something like that)!

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