Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Parker and Garrett played in their second T-Ball game of the season last Saturday. It was pretty amazing to see how the entire team progressed from Game #1 to Game #2. As a team they had quite a few hits off the pitch (versus the tee)...including a nice hit from our very own Garrett! He was beaming with pride! Parker seems to fair a little better in the outfield versus at bat. I am hoping we can get down to the park this weekend to continue working on some fundamental skills.

Little dude ready to watch his "boys". It has become the norm to buy him a ring pop from the concession stand prior to the game. In doing so, we are able to buy ourselves some viewing time of the game. The remainder of the game is spent chasing him around and keeping him off the field.

Two pairs of shades...two serious faces...two little boy with enough hair for the two of them (love you, hon!)

Fussy Hudsey (as he has been deemed by the boys) has the life, right?! He spent most of the game napping in my lap.

Finally, a few photos of our players prior to the game...


Stephanie said...

Great pictures Kelly! Ryder looks so much more grown up than my two year old!

~jan said...

Great photos, Kelly!


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