Monday, May 17, 2010

Ryder's "Melmo Monet"

On Saturday afternoon, our closet friends and family joined us as we celebrated Ryder's 2nd Birthday. Saturday, to quote Ryder, was his "Melmo Monet". Naturally, that is French for "Elmo Birthday". Classy little guy, isn't he?

I took an overwhelming amount of photos to remember the day. Here are a few of my favorites...

Personal touches through decor and sweet treats...

A special thank you to Mammy for making
his birthday cake!

Balloons and more balloons...
I cannot begin to tell you how many
found their way floating up towards the clouds!

Bubble fun with Uncle Jerry...

He LOVED his new tricycle
from Mama and Daddy!
He took countless spills on it throughout
the day, but always got back on.

Eric was thrilled with his
purchase of an Elmo pinata.
The kiddos had a ton of fun taking
their turn(s) at bat.

Treats, treats, treats...
little dude FILLED his pockets!
He was too cute to watch.

Time for cake!
He really surprised us when he opted to not
blow out his candle, but instead extinguished it
with his fingers. Yikes!
As Ryder ate his cake, he looked up
at me and said (without any prompting)
''Thank you, Mama...Daddy!".
What a little sweetheart he is!

Mommy and Daddy with the silly birthday boy...

Baby Hudsey was in on the fun, too!

Thanks for coming to my party!
It's been fun, but I'll be going now...
I've got endless miles to put on my new bike.


Shanna said...

Kelly, I love the picture of you three! Looks like everyone had a great time!

{the card family} said...

What a special day! Such fun!!

~jan said...

Such sweet photos, Kelly! Happy Birthday, Ryder! Loving all the Elmo goodies. :)


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