Sunday, May 30, 2010

I *Almost* Feel Human

See this little guy? He is following Ryder's pattern (as a baby) of taking his best naps outside. The fresh air, gentle breeze, and sound of his brothers running wild appears to lull him to sleep.

Dare I mention that he slept 9 consecutive hours two nights ago? Last night, he slept 8.5 hours! We just may be on to something. Something real good. I almost feel human again. Thanks my little squeaker beaker (yea, he has earned another nick name).


~jan said...

Sleep is a mom's best friend-hope you get more of it! :)

Jenn Jenn said...

I love the picture, he is getting so big and cuter everytine i visit the blog. My younger sister Dalia used to take her naps outside under a tree. She napped the longest of all of us and I think nature helped. God bless the boys.

Sara said...

SLEEP! What a blessing! :)

Party of Five said...

mmmm...he is too chunky and cute! love that he is sleeping a bit... I *heart* sleep! And cute babies;) Hope he's on to a real pattern for you!

mustangkayla said... sweet! Hope he continues to sleep well!

shelly said...

Oh my goodness! How do you get anything done?!? I'd be kissing those cheeks 24/7!


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