Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gifts Made With Little Hands

Oh, how I LOVE gifts made with little hands. This Mother's Day has been no exception. Parker and Garrett were more than joyful when they presented me with these...

Garrett brought this little pot of happiness home with
him on Wednesday after preschool.
I love that he chose a blue butterfly...his favorite color;)

Super sweet poem that
brought a tear to my eye.

Parker came sprinting out of school Friday afternoon
with his gift and gleefully exclaimed, "Mama, look
what I made for you!".

As we stood outside the front of the school (with hoards of
kids rushing around us) he pulled this from his backpack.
Again, a tear made it's way down my cheek.

In a few short years, Ryder and Hudson will begin crafting their own little treasures. Each one of my little boys brings me such joy, laughter, and at times even frustration. They are each unique; however, each of them makes me a mother. Their mother. Indeed, I am blessed!

Happy Mother's Day!


pattiwest said...

So meaningful & adorable!! Love your blog - this is my first visit. I'll be back. :) Happy Mother's Day!!

~jan said...

Who needs diamonds and pearls when you get delightful treasures like what your boys made you?

Happy Mpothers Day, Kelly!

Catherine said...

How Cute are those? Crafty just like their Momma! Happy Mothers Day!

pamala said...

Sweet gifts from loving little hands, what could be better? So wonderful!

jenney said...

Aw, how sweet!! Happy Mother's Day, Kelly!

Stacey said...

Such sweet gifts. My preschooler gave me a similar gift with his hands on it and I couldn't finish reading it aloud when he gave it to me. LOL We are so sentimental as mams!!


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