Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making Progress

Do you recall our plan to get the upstairs two bedrooms painted/decorated/etc before Hudson's arrival? Our plans went out the window with bed rest and Hudson's early birth. Eric and I's bed remains in the living room as I discussed here. Parker and Garrett's bedroom is coming along, though.

We are staying away from characters and such
this time around. Their bedding is stripes in shades of green,
orange, blue, brown, and beige. I am attempting
to incorporate their love of dirt bikes in subtle ways.
I LOVE the vinyl wall decals that are huge right now.
I bought 48 of these little dirt bikes...only need to find homes for 43 more.

New curtains are hung as well...

My favorite photo of our two older boys hangs above
their bookcase. I want to put something above the photo, but I
am not sure what.

I have some various other projects in process for their room. We are using a set of sturdy wooden bunk beds (separated) that Eric and his brothers used as children. They are in need of a little TLC; therefore, we are intending to sand and re-stain them. I am on the hunt for a chair(s) and some shelving as well. I have rallied my dad to build them a low to the ground table for the purpose of Lego building and such. The room is a great space for them and I am having fun making it their own.

Originally, we had planned to paint Ryder and Hudson's room last weekend. However, we all got hit with the flu. HARD. For the record, does anyone else agree we should stop planning? Fingers crossed we get it done this weekend.


mustangkayla said...

How fun! Their room looks great! LOVE your choice in colors! Where did you find the decals? I've been thining about those for Peyton and Maddy's room for the same reason! I'm not a themed person as it changes to often.

Party of Five said...

Their room looks great so far! I love your plans, and may be stealing a few 'for my own' ;) ;) You have great style, Kelly! And yes, definitely stop planning. It's a waste of your precious time, lol.


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