Friday, April 23, 2010

Hudson at Two Months

Wow, can you believe the title of this post? With each additional child, I feel these first few months just keep racing past us. At two months, Hudson...

*Loves to snuggle, get his back rubbed, or his butt patted
*Wears size 0-3 clothes and a size 1 diaper
*Rolled over for the first time earlier this shocked him!
*Is beginning to nap in his crib
*Enjoys going for walks in the stroller
*Is giving out little smirks here and there
*Has a fussy time every night beginning around 6:30pm...the duration varies, but can last for a few hours
*Despises diaper changes and being naked
*Grunts and groans often...he is a little talker
*Has blue eyes that we believe are going to stay blue

I am hoping to get a few more photos of our little guy over the weekend, but until then enjoy these...

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Sweet Hudson!
We love you!


Shanna said...

Too sweet Kelly!! How fast they grow :(

Jenney said...

I love the foot pic!!!


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