Friday, March 19, 2010

Slow Down, Parker

For his birthday, Parker was the recipient of two gifts that made him seem....

....well, really old to me.

He got a Nintendo DS from Eric and I. Aunt Leslie, Uncle Craig, and cousins gifted him a pair of Heely's. How in the world is my baby old enough for his own electronics and cool shoes. With those two gifts, my baby appears much older than I want him to be.

A few days ago, Parker asked to begin his own Facebook page. With that a few more grey hairs sprouted from my head. You are kidding me, right?

Of, course the answer was ''no'' to his own Facebook page.

Slow down, Parker and feel free to stop growing up at any time!


Sarah Lou said...

Oh I feel for you. Im about to get my middle son a DS and its kicking me that he is old enough for it. Im sure I just turned around and he was baby last time I looked!

jenney said...

They grow up entirely too fast, don't they?! =(


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