Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hey, What's a Platelet?

Prior to my pregnancy with Garrett, my knowledge of platelets was pretty vague. It was during my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with having low platelets. Now the words CBC, ITP, Thrombocytopenia, lupus, and spleen flow easily from my lips.

Throughout most of my pregnancy with Garrett I was on oral steroids in an attempt to keep my platelets from dropping to low. I began seeing an oncologist/hematologist and we learned that my condition could be passed on to our baby boy. Thankfully, upon being born Garrett's platelet count was fine.

During my pregnancy with Ryder, my platelets were lower than normal. However, there was no need for oral steroids. Ryder, too, was born with a normal platelet count.

Again, with Hudson my platelets fared well overall. The day he was born was the lowest they had been throughout my entire pregnancy. Upon Hudson's arrival his platelets were 120 (okay, but not great)...followed by 116...then 106. On the day he was discharged his platelets had dropped to 78. Oh, no! A few hours later we rechecked...74. Are you beginning to notice a pattern? His platelets were not rising. They were not maintaining. Indeed, they were dropping. The day he was discharged we were referred to a pediatric hematologist.

Hudson was discharged on a Friday. The Tuesday following his discharge his lab results indicated a count of 55. Crap! The hematologist's office wanted to see him the following day for another count. They strongly advised for us to be prepared to have him admitted for medical treatment.

That evening I packed Hudson and I's bags. I cried as I packed our belongings. We had just been discharged from the hospital. For a few short days we had been together as a family of six. My nerves were shot. I did not want my baby being poked and prodded anymore. I wanted him to be well. I did not want for the six of us to be separated. Again.

The next morning, Eric, Hudson, and myself left for Dr. K's office. We were truly impressed. We found the staff to be very friendly and understanding. The environment is very welcoming and kid oriented. Once again, Hudson had blood drawn (bless the hands of talented RN'S). An hour later we had Hudson's results...47. Ugh!

Dr. K had Hudson admitted to Mercy's Children Hospital where he would receive 2 rounds of IVIG treatment. Once we were settled into our room, Eric headed back home to take care of other boys at home for the next few days. I remained with Hudson.

Our little trooper...

Each round of Hudson's treatment took approximately 6 hours. He had a treatment that Wednesday evening and another the following afternoon. Older children who receive the same treatment complain of a fever and itching. Obviously, babies are not able to completely clue us in on how they feel. With that in mind, Hudson received Tylenol and Benedryl prior to each children. He did so well! He never presented with a fever nor did he seem irritated. We are grateful that his RN successfully started his IV on the first try and it remained in place for his stay.
He looked oh so tiny in his big hospital crib...

Anyone else a sucker for sock monkeys?
It seems they are becoming popular again.
I spotted this blue striped one in the hospital gift shop
and it is perfect for our little Hudson.

After two nights in the hospital and two rounds of treatment, they repeated lab work on Hudson. The results...120! That was good enough to get him discharged...woohoo! Currently, Hudson will continue to see the pediatric hematologist and have lab work done as we keep an eye on his counts. In time he should outgrow this disorder. Fingers crossed...


Stephanie said...

Kelly, your baby has been through quite a journey! I'm praying all his levels stay up and that he quickly outgrows this.

Great pictures!

Jenn Jenn said...

May he be healed soon.

jenney said...

Poor little guy! I can't imagine watching him go through that was easy. He's a tough little man, though!


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