Tuesday, March 23, 2010


...we have a 6yr old, 4 yr old, 22 month old, and one month old

...there are approximately 150 foam hearts (versus the previous 200) covering the windows of our front door (thank you, Parker and Garrett)

...Eric is working all of the time (or so it feels)

...I am almost 15lbs lighter than my pregnancy starting weight (yes, it feels darn good to say that)

...Ryder refers to Hudson as Hudsey

...I would say having four kids is not that much different than having three kids

...I am giddy about the three matching polo shirts and coordinating sleeper I purchased for our four boys

...Eric is equally giddy about all of the new dirt bike gear (2 pairs of riding pants, 2 shirts, and a pair of gloves) he purchased for $35 (this is a steal!)

...our washing machine and dryer are running non-stop (again, so it feels)

...Garrett is obsessed with Lego's

...Parker brings home (on average) 10 drawings from school and wants to keep them all

...Hudson is congested (poor little guy)

...we are settling into a new routine as a family of 6 (holy cow!)


Allyson said...

Good to hear you say that 4 is not much different from 3!! I assume it will be that way cuz I didn't find 3 much different from 2. Sorry Eric is working all time...sounds like our house! It's like their jobs know the most inopportune times to offer OT (or in Brad's case, require OT). I am getting a new dryer out of the deal which will make life easier when it starts running continuously in a few months! :-)

jenney said...

Wowza! You are one busy girl! But very happy! =)


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