Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Truthfully, blogging is not the only thing I have neglected. In fact, I have a list of stuff I have not been doing lately.

Cleaning. It seems I cannot bring myself to do more than laundry and dishes. Oh, and sweep. I sweep a lot.

Scrapbooking. I have zero creative mojo. Nada. Zilch.

Project 365. Around the time Parker and Garrett started back to school I let this project fall to the side. Ooops!

Taking Pictures. Generally, I have not been taking too many pictures. Period. I am a slacker...my kids are going to look back at their scrapbooks and wonder what in the world they were up to in September 2009;)

Puking. Woohoo for small miracles! Here I am 16 weeks along into my fourth pregnancy and I have yet to become one with our toilet (or any toilet for that matter). This is HUGE!!!

Sleeping. I am baffled by this one. I am pregnant. I should be sleeping, right? Ryder did not get the memo. Please feel free to send him a copy!

I do not want to come across as lazy. Here is what I have been doing...

Cooking. I try my best to cook good meals for our family. I am rather annoyed with the lack of eating on my children's part lately, though.

Laundry. This goes without saying. We are a family of five. The laundry never ends. We will never be caught up (Eric disagrees...I plead the fifth).

Crying. At everything. Over anything. Darn hormones!

Walking. I LOVE that Parker's school is right around the block. I really enjoy our morning walk (even when I have the other two kiddos in tow...still in PJ's). After nap time we make our way back to the school to meet Parker (at this point Garrett mobs Parker upon walking out of the school doors...and Parker looks at Garrett like "Seriously, dude?! You are embarrassing me!".

Lunch Dates. Typically, Ryder is down for a nap when Garrett arrives home from preschool on M, W, F. It is great sitting down with my Baby G and hearing about his morning (and his friend with crunchy hair).

Playing. I love the one on one time I get with Ryder while the older two boys are at school. We read books, play with blocks, sing songs, and occasionally eat a second breakfast for the fun of it!

Homework. On M,T,W,Th Parker and I sit down together to do his homework. There is no nagging him to get it done and he typically asks for more! Do you think he will maintain this attitude throughout the years?

Stressing. Oh, the amount of time I spend stressing over Parker's lunch. What do I pack him? How much did he eat? Did his lunch stay cold? Did his lunch stay hot? Is he starving?

Watching TV. I LOVE the return of my favorite shows in the fall. I watch far too many shows thanks to our DVR.

Eating. I can say with 100% certainty that Eric is happy this is the last time he has to drive here, there, and everywhere for whatever I am craving. Frickers chicken chunks are far too yummy!

Pondering. I have been busy dreaming about baby names (and then cry when Eric rejects them). No, we are not set on a baby boy name and a baby girl name. However, we have decided on the middle name Robert for a boy (after both of Eric's grandfathers) and the middle name Jo for a girl (after yours truly).

What have you been neglecting lately?

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Party of Five said...

Picture taking would top my list of things being neglected, too:P


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