Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beautiful Uterus

Okay, so I am just a few days into knowing we are expecting another baby. I already have baby on the brain. I expect this. After giving birth to three kiddos I know how amazing the outcome is and I am thrilled. Today, I sat and thought about the births of the three boys. All three boys were born via c-section; however, the events surrounding their birth and ultimate delivery were different. As I sat thinking about Garrett's birth I recalled a nurse commenting shortly after he was born that I had a "beautiful uterus". Ummm...what does one say to such a strange compliment? I politely thanked her and kind of chuckled. Later, as visitors began to arrive to see our new bundle of joy I found myself bragging about my beautiful uterus. I am sure it was the drugs talking, but a compliment is a compliment!

Has anyone else been paid an odd compliment? I would love to hear it!

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mustangkayla said...

CONGRATS! How exciting!


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