Thursday, June 4, 2009

Such is Life...

When it comes to sports I have always been one for those that include a, basketball, soccer, and baseball. However, a little boy (or three) would have a hard time not riding a dirt bike when daddy rides himself and encourages you to hop on as well. When daddy wants to buy you your own dirt bike at the age of two and three...well, that is just icing on the cake. I am outnumbered. Pure and simple.

Such is life in our house...

Garrett adores daddy and doing as daddy does. Check him out
cleaning his scooter while Eric cleans his motorcycle.

Parker is so close to having a complete set
of dirt bike gear. Recently, Parker has acquired
pants, a shirt, gloves, boots, and a chest protector.
He does look cute, right?! Eric has scored some great deals
via Ebay for Parker's gear. We are now searching for
helmets and goggles for both Parker and Garrett, but
will be buying new for those items.

Slowly, I am adjusting to all of the dirt bikes that come into our home. Parker and Garrett clearly have a love for riding dirt bikes. Yes, Eric has taken Ryder for a ride (or two) on his small bike. Yes, Ryder screams when it is time to get off (a true sight to see). It is pretty entertaining to watch Parker, Garrett, and Eric race around our small back yard. I, finally, understand why Eric insists on having at least 5 acres with our next move. Eric is a cautious rider and he is teaching the boys sensible riding skills. I am probably a tad bit biased, but I do believe they have a gift for riding. That being said, Parker has his first t-ball game tonight. I am looking forward to watching my little guy play ball. Honestly, I will always cheer on all of my boys regardless of what sport they choose. Is it too much to ask for one them to dance or become a male cheerleader, though;)


Sara said...

BWAHAHA! If Ryder grows up asking if he can be on the dance team, I'm directing him to this post! LOL

gottaluvboyz said...

Sara, honestly I would peg Garrett for the dance/cheer squad (as it stands). You should that kid TJ with me!

mustangkayla said...

Those pictures are adorable! How cute! Your backyard may just have to turn into a dirt circle track!

gottaluvboyz said...

Kayla, it is. The boys go in the same direction, follow the same path, etc. They have worn a track right into the yard. I guess we could add that as a feature when we sell the house, right?


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