Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Project 365...June 8th thru June 17th

First, can I just get a WOOHOO?! We are more than halfway through 2009 and I have managed to keep up with the picture taking aspect of Project 365 (my album is another's not going anywhere, though!). My friend, Sara, is rocking this challenge as well. Anyone else still going strong?

Mama gets a new bag...a camera bag to be exact.
It is so cute, but easily holds my camera, 3-4 lenses, speedlite,
and a few other necessities.

Oh, the mouth Parker has right now. I say black...he says white.
Our days are filled with battles and sassy words.
He despises the word no and it often leads to pouting.

One of my favorite things about summer...wearing flip flops.
You can never have too many flip flops in a wide array of colors.

Tonight, I was honored to have Garrett as my date for Cheryl
and Steve's rehearsal dinner.

Parker and Garrett are the proud owners of brand new dirt bike
helmets...Parker's is yellow (of course) and Garrett's is blue (of course).

Congratulations to my cousin, Cheryl!
Cheryl and Steve's wedding was beautiful and I am
honored that I could share in their special day.
Here is my cousin, Sara, and I on the party bus
(which broke down at one point).

Parker brought home quite a few of these little fish
from the school carnival. The kiddos have so much fun with them
in the tub, the sand & water table, and the pool.

Little dude LOVES playing/splashing, jumping in the pool.
Today he went swimming three times.

Ahhhh...back to the days of keeping Garrett's hand off the hose.

Sometimes I get crazy and put all three boys in the bath...TOGETHER!
It goes a little something like this.


Sara said...

LMBO! The last pic just killed me! HA! Also, L-O-V-E the new camera bag! So chic!

Nadia said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your new camera bag; where did you buy it?

Party of Five said...

First, I LOVE your camera bag! Wishing I had one. The hubby did just ask what I'd like for my birthday;)

Second, I have that same bath picture with my 3. Yours cracks me up as much as mine:)

Third, I love all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing them!


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