Monday, May 18, 2009

Time to Party!

Yesterday, we celebrated Ryder's 1st birthday with family and friends. The sun was shining, their was a light breeze, and we were able to be outside in the back yard (woohoo!). Although, Ryder was a tad bit overwhelmed by all of the activity he had a great time. Many thanks to those dearest to us who shared in the celebration! We hope you had fun, too!

Goodie "buckets" for the kiddos

Monkey cake made by Mammy! It turned out great!!!!

Cake #2...super cute!

Ryder and his "fan club"... Great-grandparents, Grandma Mary and Papa

Ryder and Mammy

Mommy, Daddy, and the Birthday Boy

Our little guy playing with balloons

Aunt Leslie with Ryder and her son, Breydan

Hey, I'm ONE!!!

Opening presents with daddy... many thanks for all of the wonderful gifts!
As with most kids, Ryder was more interested
in the wrapping paper.

Picking up liter...he's good for that!

Time for cake!

He was not all that interested in
his little birthday cake. It was cute, though!

The tiny mess he did make did not
result in an immediate bath...a first for our kiddos!

Totally digging his new wheels!
Thanks, Mommy and Daddy!


mustangkayla said...

Too cute! Looks like a great birthday! Love the bucket of goodies idea for the kiddos! Those cakes are REALLY cute!

rajah1116 said...

What a sweet birthday your little man had! What a cool idea with the buckets full of favors!

Jens Place in Space said...

What a fun party, and those cakes were adorable!!! He sure is a cutie!!!!


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