Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project 365 Still Going Strong...

Yes, I am still committed to Project 365. I apologize for not sharing the last few weeks of photos. There are a few reasons for my lack of sharing...time, I have shared the photos via other posts (Ryder's hair cut, his birthday party, etc), time, and have I mentioned time?

Here are a few (just to keep you interested LOL)...

Eric and I on our 6 year wedding anniversary...I had my hair cut
later that week and it looks so much better.

Garrett is all about playing with plastic cups right now.
Yes, he spends quite a bit of time atop our island.

Eric recently purchased a pair of used
dirt bike boots for Parker. He is slowly getting the hang of them!

1 comment:

mustangkayla said...

Congrats on the 6th anniversary! That is a great picture of you and your hubby!


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