Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ryder at 10 Months Old

Finally, I can share Ryder's 10 month old post...better late than never as he will be 11 months old this Sunday! Yes, you heard me right. He will be 11 months old on Sunday. It is pretty unreal to say that...he is getting too big, learning new things each and every day (good and bad), and plans for his first birthday party are in full swing.

At 10 months old Ryder...

*Is walking...at times it is more like running;)
*Is proving to be a very picky eater. He can love a food one day and turn his nose up at it the next day
*Loves waving hello and good bye
*Is climbing the stairs like a champ
*Thinks he is the coolest sitting at our Little Tykes Picnic Table
*Is not sleeping through the night...it is 100% habit at this point as he eats very little (if at all)when he wakes up
*Is an absolute "bear" when Daddy works nights
*Is interested in playing with balls...getting rather good at kicking
*Burps and then "forces" himself to do it again and again (such a boy!)
*Imitates his big brothers in many ways
*Likes having a "chewy" (a burp cloth) to chew on/hold while falling asleep
*Goes back and forth between one nap and two naps a day
*Loves to play hard, but enjoys cuddle time too (best of both worlds!)

I hope you enjoy his pictures! I recently got Photoshop Elements 7 and have been playing with various actions, enhancements, etc. I am not 100% sure of what I am doing, but I am slowly learning. Fingers crossed I have not turned my little cutie into a photo disaster;)


jenney said...

Girl!! You're rocking the PSE7! Way to go!!! That first pic is my fave! SO sweet!

Lelia said...

Great pictures! You'll have to let me now now much you like PSE7. I've been thinking of asking for it for my birthday next week!

mustangkayla said...

So cute! Great photos! Sorry to hear he's not sleeping through the night yet.

Sara said...

Bleck. Why do they grow up so fast?! :( And the pics are gorgeous!


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