Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hey, Diddle Diddle

Parker and his friends at preschool have started practicing for their upcoming May graduation (insert crying mommy). Each graduate is given a solo (a nursery rhyme) to sing during the graduation ceremony.

Parker was given Hey, Diddle Diddle...perfect for the little boy who has been known to cover his ears from time to time while his classmates are singing.

Not so perfect for the little boy who has declared, "Well...frankly, I do not believe a cow can jump over the moon and I have never seen a cat with a fiddle!"

I can hardly wait for the night of his graduation. This is going to be interesting, folks!


mustangkayla said...

Thats too funny! You'll have to be sure to post how it goes!

Jens Place in Space said...

That is hillarious!!!! I just love your layouts on the previous post too!!!!

Sara said...

Hilarious! Good luck with that. LOL

jenney said...

LOL Too smart for his own good, huh? Should be a fun evening!


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