Monday, March 23, 2009

Project 365...Week of March 15th

Greatly enjoying all of my "birthday" flowers

Grrrr...all 3 kiddos and myself are sick.
Going through Popsicles, jell-o, Motrin, soup, etc like crazy!

So ready for Spring!
Bring on the flowers, the green, the outdoors fun!

Our first letter from our local elementary school
that Parker will be attending in the Fall...Kindergarten
Screening is less than a week away. Notice that
they identified him as "Lindsay Parker"? This is common.
The pharmacy is a huge offender of this!

This is normal. This is our house.
Our boys climb the windows...and I stop and take
a picture BEFORE I pull him down AGAIN.

First day of Spring!!!
While at school, Parker chooses a "sprig" of flowers
to bring home to Mommy. He opts for the "yellow one", because
yellow is HIS favorite color. Little did he know
he brought home Mommy's favorite flower...yellow daisies.

Parker's dirt bike is making it's appearance
in the back yard, again. We are so ready to
be outside everyday.

1 comment:

jenney said...

Jackson would be in heaven at your house - he LOVES windows and some he can climb on would be even better! I love your roses - they're so pretty!


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