Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ryder at 9 Months Old

As of February 12th our little guy is 9 months old. I am in awe of how quickly this first year is flying by. It saddens me to think my little baby is nearing his first birthday!

At 9 months old Ryder...

*Is taking solo steps
*Stands up in the middle floor unassisted (I have to get on video how he does this...he pushes himself up from one knee and one foot)
*Says Dada (endlessly), Nana (directed at me), and Baby (seriously, sweet!)
*LOVES scrounging for Parker and Garrett's crumbs on the floor (he definitely makes out)
*Has 4 teeth (recently getting his 2 front top teeth)
*Is not sleeping through the night
*Believes that if someone is laughing it must be because of him; therefore, he starts to laugh and act extremely goofy
*Acts like a puppy at times...crawling around with a toy in his mouth, panting, and sticking his tongue out (too cute!)
*Attacks his big brothers with complete gusto (current favorite is pulling hair)
*Is the cause of 95% of his bumps and bruises...he is a little dare devil
*Enjoys Baby Noah
*Loves mac-n-cheese
*Has witnessed Mommy on the phone too much...puts his play phone up to his ear and repeats "Dada" over and over
*Needs a little hair cut
*Throws real temper tantrums at appropriate times...I am talking full on throwing himself on the floor, hitting the floor with his little fists, kicking his feet, and this is accompanied with lots of yelling
*Is insanely cute and sweet


Sheri said...

OMG that first pic is too much! And how the heck did he turn 9mths already? I feel like Garrett was just that age.

Lelia said...

OMGosh! What I wouldn't give to meet this little guy in person. I bet he's a riot!

jenney said...

I cannot believe he is almost walking! How did this happen?! They grow up WAY too fast!


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