Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another One (Almost) Out of Diapers

Confession...I am a tad bit relaxed when it comes to potty training. Shortly after Parker turned 2 years old I began feeling the pressure to get him potty trained. I tried. He tried. At the time Garrett was a newborn and I was adjusting to life with two kiddos. I remember calling Eric and my mom one day declaring Parker had been through 18 pairs of one day! Seriously. Furthermore, who in the world pees 18 times in one day? OK, Eric would promptly say I do. Regardless, he was anxious. I was anxious. Clearly both of us were not ready.

Together, we made a few more attempts between the ages of 2 and 3. I began listening to some of my dear "online buddies" over on the "MW" message boards I belong to. They reminded me that all kids are different, boys often potty train later than girls, and I was not the only one with an almost 3 year old who was not potty trained. Whew....sigh of relief. I was not a failure.

I took Parker to the doctor for his 3 year old wellness check and much to my surprise he did make me feel guilty that my son was not potty trained. We took Parker for his first preschool visit and the director was not mortified that Parker was not potty trained. Whew (again)! The summer prior to starting preschool Parker GOT IT! Something inside him clicked and he was ready.

Moving on...Garrett turns 2 years old. I am pregnant (again) and in the middle of a difficult pregnancy at that. I would consider myself a tad bit more experienced AND relaxed. When Garrett turned 2 years old I told myself I would not push the potty training issue. Remember, my almost 3 year old was not potty trained either. If Garrett showed interest then we would go forth with potty training. Otherwise, we were going to give it some time.

Garrett turned 3 at the end of December and since then he has shown an interest in the potty. Together, this past Monday we buckled down and since Wednesday he has had very few accidents. He has even mastered going #2 on the potty (something Parker really struggled with). I am so proud of him!!! He is so proud of himself!!! He sits on the potty and exclaims, "Did you hear that? Did you hear that sound?" Yesterday, Eric took him to the store for his big reward (a Hot Wheels Dirt bike racing contraption). Garrett was ready...

...however, we had forgotten about a beginning potty trainer's interest in toilet paper.

Uh-huh...that is the roll of the toilet paper on the floor. Of course, the "pee shield" from both of our potty seats have went missing between kids 1 and 2. There is no doubt the kids were using it for something inappropriate and it has been discarded. With that in mind we have to endlessly remind Garrett "to keep your pee pee down". Perhaps we should stop being cheap and go out and buy a new potty seat.

The look I was given when questioning Garrett regarding above mentioned toilet paper...

..."It's all good mommy! I'm going on the potty!"

Congrats to my Baby G!!!

Now, as far as is too much to ask for Parker and Garrett to potty train him when the time comes?


jenney said...

Aw, way to go Garrett!!!!

Party of Five said...

Yay Garrett!!!!

Evonne said...

We are also missing the "pee shield" from BOTH our potty seats. I've searched the bathroom closet thoroughly but they're no where to be found. And like you, I'm having a hard time convincing myself to go buy another one.

Congrats on the potty training success though! WTG Garrett!!!


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