Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 365...Week of January 4th

A very happy Ryder partying sometime between the hours of
11pm-2am. I can guarantee you that my face was NOT this happy LOL!

Computer time on

A family favorite in our house...pancakes:)
Today, Ryder tried them for the first time and LOVED 'em!

One nasty poop explosion leads to an mid-morning bath.

The UPS man delivered a package of goodies to mommy today...
new scrapbooking supplies. WooHoo!!!!

Oh, how things have changed around here. When we were
parents to one lone child we were so diligent about putting away
outside toys EVERY night when we went inside. Now, with three kiddos it is a
struggle to get all 3 kiddos inside (let alone put away the toys).
I am sure the neighbors love us;)

My nephew, Breydan, was not thrilled with his cake
as we celebrated his 1st birthday today.


TresNinos said...

Fun week, Kelly! I love that pic of Ryder...even if it is at 2am. :P

jenney said...

You're doing such a great job wit this project!! I have to go back and fill in a couple gaps. Ugh!

Love the pic of Ryder at 2 AM (and glad it's you and not me LOL).


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