Sunday, January 25, 2009

365 Project...Week of January 18th

Laundry, laundry, is a never ending task.

I LOVE that we have an island in the kitchen and that the
bathroom is next to the kitchen. Parker and Garrett can take
a bath while I fold towels and such. You have to love

Saying goodbye to daddy before he heads into work for the night.

The boys have a difficult
time when daddy is not home in the evenings and at bedtime.
We add on a few "extras" to their normal bedtime routine when daddy
is away for the night. The boys and I blow kisses to to daddy AND
I posses a MAGICAL power to pass on kisses from daddy. The kisses
are placed in an imaginary jar and we screw on the lid;)

A local newspaper from Inauguration Day 2009

Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President...
Parker, Garrett, and I watch the festivities on TV.

5am FUN?!?!

Currently, Ryder is waking up way before the crack of
dawn. He is content to sit on the dining room floor...spinning
a Weeble and asking for "Da...a Da...Da...a Da?".
Repeat over and over and over...


Eric getting cash from the ATM machine...once again!

Playtime with Garrett and Ryder

Garrett leads Ryder in "Pat-a-Cake"...Ryder's
face just lights up when the older 2 boys
pay attention to him.

So it begins...homework

Parker sitting and doing his homework at the
same dining room table I sat at years ago.
Today's task is to practice writing your first name.
At the age of 4 he has already discovered the BIGGER
he writes the fewer times he must write his name LOL!

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