Thursday, October 2, 2008

Say What?

Like many moms I really have to think and listen when talking to my 2 year old. Words can take on a new meaning when you have a 2 year old. In Garrett's world Parker has been "PoPo", Daddy was once "NaNa", grapes are still "boop", currently Good Morning is "Good Norning" (this is really cute!), and we have been in the "f*ck" versus truck phase for quite some time (I could do an entire post on this one). My favorite though....his word for marshmallows. Are you ready for this? Marshmallows translates into "Fishminnows" in Garrett language. Eric and I find it pretty comical! We get a big chuckle when we talk about roasting "fishminnows" to make s'mores.


The Balsmeyer Family said...

I love it, Kelly! My favorie one of Zeke's that he's still holding on to is Goldfish crackers. He calls them "fishy animals" LOL

Party of Five said...

Oh, that's the sweet stuff life is made of! Wyatt still has his own words for things, and Calvin is still making up the words, so I'm in a constant state of fun here:)


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