Monday, October 6, 2008

Feel Good Post

The past few days have been a tad bit difficult. I am sick (always fun when you have kiddos to take care of too). Parker and Garrett have been fighting non-stop and not listening. Eric is currently working nights; therefore, the boys and I miss him. In an attempt to lift my spirits I am going to take a cue from Sara and share some random things that make me happy!

Random Things That Make Me Happy

1. Getting one on one time with my boys
2. Laying on the couch with Eric and watching a movie (while we rub each other's feet of course!)
3. Going shopping and out to eat with my mom (sans kiddos...sorry little ones)
4. Getting together with friends
5. Planning a party, holiday, or get together
6. New scrapbooking goodies
7. Finding the time to scrapbook
8. Warm and fuzzy sweaters
9. My MW Gals (you know who you you ladies!!!!!)
10. Brownies
11. A new magazine (especially People, Scrapbooks Etc, or Creating Keepsakes)
12. Rummaging through Parker's book bag
13. The way Eric can make Garrett laugh...a huge belly laugh
14. Ryder's BIG brown eyes
15. Date night with Eric
16. Seeing the little red light on our DVR machine (something is recording...woohoo!)
17. Going for a walk in the evening (especially during the fall)
18. The smell of coffee in the AM (followed by a cup of it in my hands soon thereafter!)
19. Buying presents
20. Reading to the kiddos
21. Stalking blogs LOL
22. Capturing great shots of the boys with my camera
23. Popcorn
24. Witnessing the one of the boys learn something new
25. Pilates

Anyone else want to share what makes them happy?!


The Balsmeyer Family said...

Love it! It really made me slow down, think & appreciate all that I have. :)

Laura said...

We all need to slow down and appreciate, even the small things, all that we have. Thanks for sharing your list! hOpe you feel better soon!


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