Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Insights on Cleaning

I will be the first to admit I am not a cleaning *freak*. Is my house an outright disaster? No. I keep up with the daily tasks...dishes, laundry, trash, sweeping the living room floor, and picking up toys. Oh, my toilet and bathroom sink are clean 90% of the time. It is RARE for me to wake up and say to myself "I think I will clean my windows today!" or "I'm going to mop my floors today!". I *save* the larger tasks for one of two occasions.

First, if we are hosting a holiday gathering or throwing a party then I focus on cleaning. At that point I stress myself over cleaning. I also use it as an opportunity to give Eric a "big project". There...I have clued you on the *real* reason I offer our home so frequently. Just kidding!

Second, one of the boys makes a big enough mess that forces me to clean. For instance when Garrett creatively decorates our porch windows with multiple stickers in time I clean them off. We admire his artwork for a few days/weeks/months and eventually I scrape the stickers off and Windex the windows. When one of the boys (ahem...Garrett) drops an egg on the kitchen floor I simply grab the mop. I try to not get upset at their "messes", but think of them as occurrences that FORCE me to clean.

Yesterday, when Parker did not get his shorts down in time and ended up "relieving" himself all over the bathroom floor I did not get mad. The floor needed to be mopped. He somewhat did me a favor. However, today when he caused the toilet to overflow by putting too much toilet paper in it...well that irked me. I just mopped that darn floor yesterday! The least he could of done was wait a couple of weeks.

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