Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day at the Beach...Swimming, Digging, & One Naked Butt

We woke up this morning and headed to East Harbor State Park. It was our first trip to the beach for 2008 and the older two boys were pretty excited to spend the day swimming, playing in the sand, and having a picnic. On our way to the beach Ryder spent most of the trip crying (this is getting to be the norm), but settled right down once we arrived. He LOVES being outside and seems to take the best naps when out in the open air.

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of Parker & Garrett!

We dipped little Ryder's toes in the water. WooHoo... a first captured in photos!

As we were preparing to leave Garrett started throwing a fit (due to us leaving the "big water"). Eric took Garrett to the van to get dried off, changed, etc. and promised to be right back for Parker. As I continued to gather our belongings I heard quite a number of people laughing...really loud. I glanced up and there stood Parker...NAKED! We are on a public beach full of people and there stands my 4 yr old NAKED...and with that is was definately time to leave:)


The Balsmeyer Family said...

Zeke's been stripping his clothes off & running out the front door as fast as possible so I feel your pain about public nudity. Sweet heavens, what is it with our boys! LOL We're going to the "beach" today so hopefully he'll be willing to leave his clothes on for a little while.

Jenney said...

LOL Well at least four year olds have cute little butts. =) I can't believe how big Ryder is getting!


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