Monday, July 7, 2008

Because... age 4 it is socially acceptable to sport a bike helmet, wear spiderman slippers, and carry a panda to view fireworks!!!

I wish I had additional pictures to share from taking the boys to watch fireworks, but after taking this shot Ryder was asleep in my arms for the duration of the evening. He "jumped" a few times when the fireworks first started, but then slept soundly (that is until I put him in his carseat/stroller to walk home).

Parker and Garrett greatly enjoyed staying up late to watch the fireworks. Parker kept questioning when the "finale" would take place and what exactly was a "finale". His eyes lit up when the "finale" finally occurred:) My eyes were focused on Garrett throughout most of the display...he was too comical. He made an enthusiastic effort to catch a few fireworks by jumping in the air and reaching out to grasp them. At one point he informed me that if he did indeed catch one he got to make a wish (so sweet)!

We hope all of you enjoyed your holiday weekend!

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