Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Trio of Cuteness!

I am having a hard time believing that Ryder will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. The past 3 weeks have been a tad bit crazy as we settle into life with 3 kids, but overall things are going smoothly. If it was not for the pink eye that has been making its way through our home life with 3 kids would be no different than life with 2 kids. In all honesty I think going from 1 to 2 kids is a big deal and from there you are simply adding to the chaos in your house:)

Parker and Garrett have been doing an AMAZING job with Ryder. They both enjoy singing to him, helping to care for him, and attempting to play with him. Parker is big on sharing his stuffed animals with him and Garrett insists he is cute (we agree!).

Eric took these photos the other day while I was napping...I am simply smitten with all three of the little guys in my life.

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The Balsmeyer Family said...

I'm just jealous that you can get Ryder to take a paci.! LOL I couldn't convince ANY of my kids. I still attempt to give it to Tabitha once in awhile, but all it usually does is make her more angry. :) LOVE the pictures! Sorry about the pink eye. :(


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