Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Fun!

Parker and Garrett's Easter Fun continued after brunch today. Mammy came over to our house (along with Uncle Jerry, Uncle Craig, Aunt Leslie, Ashton, and Breydan) to give the boys their Easter baskets. Below are the boys getting ready to dive into their goodies.

Baby Boy #3 received his own basket too...filled with socks, sleep-n-plays, towels, and wash cloths:)
Parker sporting his new sunglasses the Easter bunny left!
Parker, Garrett, and Ashton had fun hunting for plastic eggs filled with little treasures as well. Later we caught Garrett sitting at the dining room table alone (among an endless pile of candy, toys, clothes, etc) sorting each of the boys goodies. He would pick up one item at a time exclaiming either "Ohhhh...neat" or "Ohhhh...yuck" and place each item into two distinct piles. It was too comical to watch!

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